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Zamolba za pristupanju ankete
by Krtalić Andrija - Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 11:01 AM
  Poštovane kolegice,

dobili smo slijedeći mail/molbu za pristupanjem ispunjavanja ankete i provođenja intervjua uposlenica Fakulteta, pa vas molim da obratite pažnju na nju i reagirate prema vlastitom nahođenju.

From: Suzanne Gallacher [mailto:Suzanne.Gallacher@uws.ac.uk]
Subject: Women in Leadership in Universities in Scotland and Croatia

**Email to be circulated: **


Dear Colleagues of the University of Zagreb,

My name is Suzanne Gallacher and I work at the University of the West of Scotland.

As part of my MSc in International Management, I am conducting research which examines the relationship between national culture and women's leadership in the HE sector by comparing Scottish institutions to those in Croatia. I am looking for as many female colleagues as possible to complete a questionnaire on their opinions and experiences of women's leadership at the institution they work at and would therefore value your contribution.

The questionnaire should take 10-15 minutes and can be completed anonymously via this link on Google Forms: https://goo.gl/forms/JzHlmzPb1phmFXzL2

For the second stage of my research, I am looking for respondents of the questionnaire to participate in a follow up interview. This can either be by telephone or skype in the next month. If you would be willing to be interviewed, please reply to this email to advise, as this is not possible to indicate on the questionnaire due to the anonymity.

Thank you in advance for supporting my research, and consequently my Masters degree.

Kindest Regards
Suzanne Gallacher

Suzanne Gallacher
Creative & Academic Development Team
School of Media, Culture & Society
University of the West of Scotland
T: 0141 848 3734

Email: Suzanne.Gallacher@uws.ac.uk

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